Categories & Criteria

The Performance Awards

Our official auditor and chairman of the Awards Jury (editor of PrintWeek India) will examine the business performance of the companies all of whom will, should you require, sign an agreement in order to guarantee the confidentiality of financially sensitive information. They will evaluate the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts and investment in technology and people.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information. Entrants may mark sensitive parts of their entry, such as information contained in their balance sheet and profit and loss account as 'Not for Publication'.

We will also need a short summary of your company, achievements such as winning a new contract, or how you produced a print job under exceptional circumstances.

Please note: The financial year under review is 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.


Please ensure that your submission includes the following documents

  • Entry form Part 1
  • Audited financials of preceding two years (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes to accounts, audit report) certified as true copies by the management/owners/partners
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Tax audit filings in case of entities that are not companies
  • Details of ratings secured from any credit rating agency
  • Print samples (Representing the broad spectrum of the work you produce)
  • Letters of commendation from customers
  • Enclose the correct entry fee. Cheques should be made payable to 'Haymarket SAC Publishing India Pvt. Ltd.'

PrintWeek India Printing Company of the Year

Packaging Company of the Year

The Packaging Company of the Year category will focus on the packaging converter's overall financial and business performance and will not be limited to Quality of the samples submitted. It recognises outstanding achievement, based on the financial and business performance of your company. Please supply information which will substantiate your achievement.

Green Printing Company of the Year

This award will be conferred to the print company that has done most to improve its environmental performance during the period under review. The judges for this category will be specialists and this will be the only category they will judge. A detailed entry form for this category will be made available on request. Please write to to procure the form.

Post-Press Company of the Year The Award is open to both trade finishers and in-house finishing departments. In addition to the financials, the judges will be looking for the use of a finishing process (or a combination of processes) that genuinely adds value to a printed product

Pre-Press Company of the Year

This Award seeks to recognise a combination of outstanding financial performance and breakthrough pre-press achievements. Please supply information that highlights your pre-press achievement. Please note: Besides trade shops and bureaux, entries from in-house pre-press operations or subsidiaries will be accepted provided they are run as separate businesses with their own set of accounts.

SME Printing Company of the Year

This category is for the small and medium sized print firms and is designed to recognise the achievements of printers with up to 50 employees and/or a turnover of less than Rs 50 crore.

Student of the Year

The category is open to any engineering degree student, full or part time, on a print-related course at a recognised Indian college and should have passed out in 2017. The student should be planning to make a career in the printing and packaging industry. There is no limit to the number of students a college may nominate. Entries should be submitted by a lecturer or a department head, and should include a report on why each student is nominated, together with examples of his or her work.

The Quality Awards

In the Quality Awards, the judges are looking at the quality of the work. All entries (except innovative category) need to include a single example of four different jobs printed between 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 in order to demonstrate consistent production excellence. Please note that printers' own promotional material is not eligible. For each sample, a short summary can be helpful. This summary can explain how the job was completed and the challenges it posed etc. Please give details of equipment (prepress, press, post-press, etc) used to carry out the job on the entry form (refer to following page). We need four different samples per category entry. Also we request that you supply, as part of your entry, a CD / pen drive of images you wish to be considered as your support material.

Please supply four different samples. Rs 3,000 for entry into each category.

Book Printer of the Year (Academic and Trade)

Book Printer of the Year (Specialty)

This category includes coffee-table books, non fiction works covering history, sports, nature, travel, entertainment, and lifestyles. Judges will be looking for the highest quality of printing married to precision in binding.

Brochure & Catalogue Printer of the Year

Although high-quality printing is essential, this category will also take into account the high paginations, length of runs, and production constraints often imposed in brochure and catalogue works. Please supply four different samples.

Digital Photo Album Printer of the Year

Judges will be seeking out the company that best demonstrates a combination of good quality colour results, substrates used, and fabrication of the album including innovative cover.

Digital Printer of the Year

Judges will be seeking out the company that best demonstrates a combination of good quality colour results, with innovative applications printed digitally. Note: Large-format digital print work should be entered into the Wide-Format category.

Fine Art Printer of the Year

For this category, judges will be looking for prints, fine art books or art catalogues that demonstrate the very highest levels of origination and print. Limited editions are eligible.

Industrial Product Printer of the Year

This category recognises industrial applications including point-of-purchase installations, printed electronics, membrane switches, signs, labels for garments, vehicle graphics like decals, etc., produced using offset, digital imaging, or screen printing processes on a range of paper, paperboard or plastic or combination of the three.

Innovative Printer of the Year

Judges will look for the innovative combination of man and machinery to achieve a unique product. The innovation could be in any or all of the disciplines: pre-press, printing, post-press or electronic media. Please supply one sample only.

Label Printer of the Year

Judges will be looking for the best examples of labels printed using any process (letterpress, offset, flexo, digital). Of particular interest will be the use and application of special colours and finishes, and printing on difficult or unusual substrates. Please supply four unique label samples.

Magazine Printer of the Year

In this category, we are looking for the best examples of business and consumer magazines printed using the gravure, web offset or sheetfed process, with equal emphasis placed on printing and finishing.

Newspaper Printer of the Year

We are looking for the newspaper printer that demonstrates outstanding colour printing on newsprint-based products. Judges will take into account the pressures of daily production, print run, etc. Newspaper supplements and products printed on improved newsprint can be included as part of an entry, but are not eligible on their own.

Packaging Converter of the Year (General)

This packaging category is open for packaging of FMCG and pharmaceutical products. While the unit value of FMCG products will be substantially lower than that of luxury goods, the judges will be looking for all-round excellence in packaging printing and will take into account the use of difficult substrates and other production constraints.

Packaging Converter of the Year (Luxury)

This category encompasses all types of high-value luxury printed packaging including cartons, flexible packaging and other containers that would typically be expected to have a long life cycle. Entries will likely consist of (but are not restricted to) products such as presentation boxes for wines and spirits, media packaging for DVD or book box-sets etc, or beauty products.

PUR-Book Maker of the Year

When PUR hotmelt adhesive is used for bookbinding it makes the books more durable, causes less wrinkling in the backbone and offers lay-flat quality. Judges will be looking for these qualities in the submissions. Print firms or trade binders with in-house PUR-book binding facility are eligible to enter into this category.

Screen Printer of the Year

The judges will be looking for a variety of print applications that are possible through screen printing. This Award is open to companies with a full-fledged screen printing unit as well as a commercial printer with a specialised screen printing set-up.

Social Stationery Printer of the Year

This category covers printers of all social stationery (note cards, postcards, invitations, letterheads, diaries, etc) as well as greetings cards and calendars. Printers' own promotional material is eligible. All aspects of production will be taken into consideration including foiling, embossing, debossing and die-cutting.

Wide-Format Printer of the Year

Here we will be looking for dazzling print displays that are produced on 60-inch plus wide-format printers with clarity and high-quality vibrant colours, intended to grab the target audience's attention.